In my last post, I talked about Adam’s presence when the serpent tempted Eve into eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

I’m just going to expound on this a bit more. For some reason, the Lord put it upon me to study that incident/chapter. I’d read it countless times before, and that tiny phrase “who was with her”, had escaped my attention. But not this time. It jumped out at me, and I had to study, meditate and reflect on it more.

But just think about it for a moment.

It doesn’t say “who just walked up right then” or “who wandered over when he saw something odd was going on”…..nothing like that.

He was “with her.”

He was there the whole time.

Now remember, this happened in just a few minutes. The serpent asked his leading question, Eve obligingly, unknowingly, answered, and the serpent refuted God’s warning and opened that door to temptation and BOTH Adam and Eve walked through it.

He was there.

He heard every word.

And did NOT ONCE, remind, restrain, or refuse.

He didn’t remind Eve of the warning.

He didn’t restrain her from touching or picking the fruit.

He didn’t refuse to take it when she offered.

I mean, what was he thinking? Was he just waiting, watching as she reached for the fruit to see if she would die just from touching it? 

Not one word did he utter until God came looking for him, knowing full well, what had happened.

At least he didn’t lie to God “…I hid because I was naked.”

He was ashamed…as well he should be. He not only went against the Lord’s direct command to him to not eat, nor even touch the fruit of that tree, but he, as the husband of the woman, and therefore, over her, failed to protect her from the treachery of the serpent.

He stood quietly by, hearing every word that was said, watched as Eve plucked the fruit from the tree, tasted it, then offered it to him.

And he took and ate it.

Now, it’s easy at this point, to say that he did so, because he didn’t want to be separated from Eve because of her sin.

Hold on, just a minute. What did I say above? He didn’t remind, restrain, nor refuse her. He did NOTHING AT ALL, until she handed the fruit to him.

In doing NOTHING AT ALL, he was just as culpable as she. Even if he had not eaten or touched the fruit, he had sinned!

How, you say?

God had given him charge over the Garden of Eden. He was the caretaker. God had formed woman from man’s rib, as a helper for him. He, therefore, was her guardian, so to speak, and failed miserably in that capacity.

Poor Adam….his thought might have been ‘What the heck? I’ve already screwed up, so what difference will it make to eat it now?” instead of the more nobler point of view that he didn’t want to be without his wife. If he had really been that noble, he would have put a stop to it before it got too far!!

It’s time we give Adam his just due for his part in the original sin. This isn’t to make light of Eve’s part in all this. No, she knew better just as Adam did. All I’m saying is, she wasn’t alone, and the man was with her the whole time.