English: Luciffer versus The Lord (Madach) Slo...

English: Luciffer versus The Lord (Madach) Slovenčina: Lucifer proti Pánovi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once again, I’m back. As in my last post, I related that I’ve been dealing with a lot of ‘stuff’. The title of this post reflects, not a question on my part of whether they exist or not. If one believes in God, you must believe that satan exists and by extension, demons. For as the Bible says, Lucifer fell from heaven to earth in his rebellion against God and took 1/3 of the angels with him. Lucifer was the guardian of God’s glory and he coveted that, pride being his downfall. He hates all humans because God set us humans above the angels in His affections. Therefore, it’s been Lucifer’s ultimate goal to rid the earth of humanity.

And he uses his cronies to torment humans to do evil, depraved things; things that will separate us from the love of God. Sin is sin, no matter how small, but accepting the Grace of God provided by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ tears us out of satan’s hands. Christ‘s sacrifice for humanity is God’s perfect plan to thwart the designs of satan that he initiated in the Garden of Eden. Once Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit, all humanity was doomed to destruction. God gave the Laws of Moses to show that no one can keep the law; if you break one, you’ve broken them all.

No sin is so small that it will be overlooked, but NONE are so large that it won’t be forgiven. And that forgiveness ONLY comes through Christ Jesus.

I’ve gotten a bit off track here, according to the title, but felt it needed to be said. Once you’ve accepted Christ, ALL your sins, past, present and future are forgiven. Those of us who have made that choice aren’t perfect, just forgiven, but we should at least try to be as Christ-like as we can.  And God has given us the Holy Spirit to help us to that end.

But what about demons? Being a Christian doesn’t automatically exempt you from the aggravation, torment and agony of mind that demons can inflict on us. Indeed, those who profess Christ are prime targets. You can expect it. This is what I’ve been going through for nearly a year now.

For a long time, I couldn’t understand what was going on. It’s only recently that I realized I’ve been under attack by the forces of darkness. Little by little, over time, it intensified. As a result, I became depressed, despondent, and felt abandoned even by my family. I sometimes wondered if God had abandoned me, as it seemed that very few of my prayers were being answered.

I had fits of depression that would come on without warning, even though my life wasn’t the best, there were times things were ‘ok’. I couldn’t bring myself to do many things I should do, like housework, for example. I did manage to go to work each day, but all my energy was spent on that and once I got home, there wasn’t much left. I was struggling in so many areas.  I got out of going to church regularly, reading the Bible and praying. Though I would pray, there were times when I didn’t and it didn’t seem to bother me. Eventually, though I began to see a connection, but was still blinded by the lies I was being told by the enemy.

A couple of pastors on TBN recently preached on Christians coming under an attack by demons. As they talked and gave conditions for such activity, I realized that was what was going on with me. So, how does one deal with this?

Well, for a while now, I’d been thinking I needed to anoint my home with oil for protection, or perform a cleansing of my home. I had done this a good while back, but apparently one must continue to do it, as one prays and reads the Bible every day, though you wouldn’t need to cleanse and/or anoint every day.

So I went online to Google casting out demons from homes/land/property. I found a lot of info, many of which were merely ‘spiritual’ and not Christian; those I didn’t bother with.

I do want to relate an odd occurrence that happened before I did this search.

I have cats, some indoor and some outdoor. One of the outdoor cats, on occasion, doesn’t show up when the evening meal is served; so I save it and keep an eye out for him. He showed up later as I was coming out the door and I let him into the covered porch. He came in and stopped just inside the door and hunkered down right there. He started making a strange sound and his body language looked to me as though he was going to vomit. I talked to him and noticed he seemed to be staring at something behind me, growling at it. Thinking it was one of the kittens, I turned but there was nothing there; the kittens were elsewhere. I searched the area to see what he might be seeing, but there was nothing. I asked him if he was getting sick and gave him a little pet on his head; he flinched away, still making that strange sound. He never did throw up and after about a minute or so, he relaxed and started eating his supper. When he moved away from the door, I saw he had defecated on the threshold! Whatever it was he had seen, it had scared the crap out of him!

The next morning, he didn’t come for breakfast; I later saw him out on the large roll of wheat the neighbor had in the field next to my home. I called to him, but he didn’t budge. This is unusual because he always came before. After a while, I saw he had come down off the wheat and was lying in the yard about 50 feet away, watching me. Apparently, this was as far as he would come. I went out and gave him his dish and he ate. That’s when I decided I needed to do something as this behavior was very out of the norm for him.

I checked out some of the links I found and did some extensive reading on it. Some methods were simple; others more involved, obviously for more serious demon activity. I came across a video on youtube, so I watched it. It was a man, calling himself MrPastor77 and he was saying a prayer to cleanse the home of anyone who listened/watched the video. He had a transcript of the prayer in the description area, and I followed as he prayed, making sure it was biblical.  Apparently, it worked, because as I listened, I felt a pressure leave me, and a peace I had been missing for a long time return. Later that evening, when I went out to feed the cats their supper, Sugar (that’s the cat;’s name) came right up on the porch as if nothing had ever happened. Whatever he had seen the night before was no longer there.

But I know that I need to do a more ‘thorough’ cleansing. One thing I learned is that one must rid one’s house of anything demonic in nature, like objects that could be considered ‘idols’ (buddha statues, etc.), anything dealing with the occult (Ouija boards, tarot cards, etc.). It was recommended that they be burned and not just simply thrown in the trash. I don’t have any of those things, but there are some things, like books of fiction, rock cds, and some videos/dvds that I need to get rid of. After that, I’ll do the more thorough cleansing and anoint the doors and windows.

If there are those reading this that think I’m crazy or loony…well, I don’t really care. I already feel freed from the tremendous oppression I’ve been under, but I know deep down there’s more that needs to be done. I finally feel that I’m back with the living. All the bad thoughts and experiences I’d been going through every day are gone. During this whole time, I felt that I had been holding on to God only by a thread and apparently, that thread was enough to keep me from sliding permanently into the pits of despair and hopelessness.

God IS good! His love is from everlasting to everlasting and His faithfulness endures forever!