* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Oh Lord, my God, I praise You for Your everlasting and faithful Love,

That even while I was yet lost, Your eternal Love sought me out

And found me drowning in my iniquities.

Yet those dark and grievous sins did not deter Your Love for me.

I give You praise, glory and honor, that even covered with the filth of my transgressions,

You extended Your compassion and mercy when I cried to You for forgiveness,

Cleansing me of my sins,

Whiter than snow, remembered no more.

Thank You, Father God, for this redemption!

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your unselfish sacrifice on the cross.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your presence in my life and Your guidance

Through God’s Will for me.

In Christ’s Holy Name,



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Thank You, Lord, for your mercy and grace to us.

I praise You for Your patience

And Your everlasting Love for me.

Holy Spirit, I pray You will help me to resist temptation

With Your anointing and power,

To stand fast against the enemy when

He tries to seperate me from the Lord.

O Lord, You are my Rock and continue to work on me,

Refining me to your will.

So be it, Lord. Make it so, according to Your Will,

My life as you determine it for me.

I thank You all my days that You are my Redeemer,

My Protector, and my Provider.

I will rejoice to Your glory when You deliver my enemies into my hands,

And I will bless them and forgive them as you commanded,

For my salvation and eternal life are worth more

Than any triumph over them

In Christ’s Name,

and to God be all Glory,